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  1. Birchwood: Planning Grant: $149, 499
  2. Appleton Public Montessori: Dissemination Grant: $125,000
  3. United Public Montessori: Implementation Grant: $175,000
  4. Montessori H.S.: Planning Grant $250,000
  5. Lakeview Montessori Schools, Sparta: Dissemination Grant: $125,000


  1. Strategic Planning meeting held in Madison July 21-22
  2. 12 charter schools representing those that had received dissemination grants were represented, whose primary models of schools were: Montessori, Place-Based, Project based, Expeditionary, Green/Environmental, and Interdisciplinary Learning Collaborative
  3. Addressed common needs of starting a charter: choosing a model, staffing, governance boards, experts in the field, and sustainability, etc.
  4. OUTCOME OF MEETING: an organizational framework to transform education, one school at a time through a variety of ways: video-conferencing, symposiums, workshops, coaching, teacher and student exchanges, resource collaboration, etc.


  1. DRAWING/WRITING CONNECTION: 8 participants: Sparta, Racine Private Montessori, LaCrosse Coolee Montessori, Madison Private Montessori; well- evaluated-all 5s and 1 4. Personal eval: just gear for CH to give participants more time to work on materials; providing a book for follow-up and all the materials ($200/ books and $600 materials for 8)and time to work on coordinating the materials very helpful to insure usage of the materials; location in an air-conditioned facility close to laminator essential!
  2. YOGA/WOODWORKING: 9 participants: Sparta, a substitute teacher, La Farge. We paid 2 instructors, 1/2 day for each ($250 for yoga, $300 for other due to driving distance and materials provided); woodworking: well-evaluated: mostly 5’s , some 4s. Personal eval: well prepared and organized; she had a Head Start mindset, so would have liked to have had someone with a Montessori perspective, but everyone took an idea away they could use. YOGA: same 9 participants. Instructor taught the basic yoga postures used in the accompanying book ($200 books for 10). Evals: all 5’s and one person gave her all 4’s. Personal Eval: I had asked her to have the group break up into 3’s to take a story each and present it using the yoga stances; that way, each teacher would have one under her belt and have seen 2 others.
  3. ROLE OF THE ASSISTANT: 12 participants: Sparta, Madison Central Montessori, Viroqua. Evaluations: all 5’s but 4 4’s. Personal Eval: Very pleased with the workshop, especially the use of our school’s assistants to meet with the participants and review typical duties they might encounter. Page 2 NOTE: We gave this workshop again in Appleton late in August and had 8 participants: Neenah Montessori; Appleton Montessori.Interestingly, 4 participants were parent volunteers, who kept saying how much they got out of the workshop! Evals: all 5’s and 2 4’s. I did not count the eval from the Adolescent assistant since I had told her it was not geared for the Adolescent level. Personal Eval: the assistants I brought met with their respective level assistants two times, once in am and once in pm, which broke up the afternoon feeling lunch brings on. This was a good revision to the first workshop in Sparta, I think. I would like to try a teacher/assistant workshop next time to see how effective that is.
  4. WISCONSIN TRAINING CENTER: We have secured Children’s House training in Wisconsin! Called Fountainspring Training Center, it is Don Czerwinskyj’s training program housed at Lakeview Montessori in Sparta. It meets every other weekend, Friday through Sunday 1:15 PM,with a monthly tuition of $500. Interested applicants may call the Director of Admissions, Nancy Schaitel, at 608.343.0088.